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Given that our process is only possible in plastic bottles, this does not mean we do not have an eye on sustainability.  While all our bottles are made entirely from recyclable materials and are 100% recyclable, but that cannot be the end of it. We are also working with an imaginative group of scientists and thinkers to innovate the bottle further. Our aim – to render our bottle truly commercially compostable too. Stay tuned. 

orange blueprint-large_edited.png
orange blueprint-large_edited.png
orange blueprint-large_edited.png

Since the invention of carbonation some 250 years ago, it was assumed that effervescence could only come from dissolving carbon in water and would only ever be prickly, salty & acidic,

Then came Todd Carmichael. Obsessed with creating an array of better bubbles, he set out to solve for the need with ideas such as anti-cavitation, low-pressure injection, mixed-gas bonding and went to work in his private lab, assembling the tools and machines ultimately required to create his vision. 

He emerged from his lab with Shimmering Water, and soon after three others, each thought to be impossible.. 

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