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Founder Story

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An unstoppable Beverage Pioneer, Todd Carmichael has anticipated or created many key movements in the Coffee and Beverage space. Among his many accolades, Carmichael is a five-time Bevnet award winner for “Innovative Beverages", three-time “FABI Food and Beverage Innovation” award winner, two-time “Package and Design” award winner, winner of the prestigious “World Beverage Innovator” award, and ranked No. 1 by The Food Republic for the “Most Influential Figure in Coffee.” Carmichael was also named Esquire Magazine’s "American of the Year,“ Philadelphia Magazine’s "Person of the Year,” and “Most Intriguing Entrepreneur” by Goldman Sachs.


Dissatisfied with a beverage world awash in two familiar options "still or sparkling" Carmichael believed a new bubble technology was possible. Effervescence, if reimagined, could please both the tongue and pallet — with no burn, no bite, no harsh acids and no saltiness.

as if by parlor trick magic, loftiwater founder todd Carmichael imagined augmented water out of the air, crafting a sweet guilt-free taste and mouthfeel of its own kind, hydrating the body and delighting the palate.



JP iberti

Partnership story

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todd carmichael jp iberti

With over 66 years of collective experience in the beverage space, Loftiwater partners Todd Carmichael & JP Iberti grew their first modest start-up La Colombe into a national brand by focusing on innovation and flavors. Carmichael, with his one-of-a-kind ability to reimagine and invent, and Iberti, owning a remarkable sense of aromatics and flavor, form a loyal Brotherhood and as is often said, “share a single mind.”  Today they introduce us to Shimmering Water,  a whole new world of what bubbles taste and feel like.

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